This is a IPv6/IPv4 WebSDR receiver, located in Neuenhof Switzernand JN47dk.
Hardware: Funcube Dongle Pro+ on a Raspberry Pi2.
It is operated by HB9EUE.
Via the iFrame below, you can control the frequency of the Funcube Dongle, so the scale on the waterfall ist relative to that fequency.
Please be aware, that of 8. Mai 2016 this is being set-up and might not yet be fully operational.
I am aware of the wrong labes. ToDo: Create dynamic labels wile setting frequency.
It is not very reliable to set the frequency on the FCD while audio is being recorded. If the fcdctl binary is not returning after 3 seconds, it is being killed. Most likely, the frequency has been set correctly.
There is just a small 2m/70cm whip antenna connected to the RPi. So best used for UHF/VHF with LNA disabled.
More information about the WebSDR project can be found on

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Allow keyboard:
j k ← →: freq down/up (+shift/ctrl/alt faster)
u l c a f: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
z Z: center/zoom waterfall
g: enter frequency

Frequency: kHz

Or tune by clicking/dragging/scrollwheel on the frequency scale.

? kHz @ -6dB; ? kHz @ -60dB.
Or drag the passband edges on the frequency scale.
Waterfall view:
Or use scroll wheel and dragging on waterfall.

? dB; peak ? dB;
mute squelch autonotch
Signal strength plot:
Call of station that you hear:
Comments, if any:
Note: time, frequency, your name/call, and DXCC information are added automatically.
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